Converting leads, so you don't have to

Realtors can now convert leads at a 53% higher conversion rate using Artificial Intelligence.

ModdAi Lead Nurturing Software

Converting leads at a 53% higher rate than the average realtor

Meet your new Ai assistant who interacts with leads, answers questions, and schedules appointments all without you doing a thing.


Purchase once, and it is yours for life

We use Ai to generate leads for you, and nurture them at 53% higher conversion rate. This is a software you purchase once, and it is yours forever.


Higher conversion


Lead nurturing


What is Ai?

Something like this has never been possible before.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that learns, reasons, generalizes, and infers meaning. What this means is Ai will read and understand your prospect's text within the context of a conversation. This leads to conversations, answers, and questions that are indistinguishable from a real human assistant. Something like this has never been possible before.

The Result

Adapt or die.

Throughout history, technology has consistently made life easier. AI is no exception. Because of this technology, realtors now have the opportunity to step away from lead nurturing entirely. This technology already has a higher conversion rate than most humans, and it is only getting better. There will be those who adapt to Ai and use it, and those who are replaced by it.

We set it up for you to ensure a smooth transition

We will customize this software to fit you and your ideal clientele. We set everything up for you. All you have to do is watch as your leads are automatically brought to referral-level quality.


This Ai responds to your prospects immediately 24/7, 365. Something you simply don't have time for.

Higher conversions

This Ai has the data of thousands of conversations from top realtors. It knows how to make a conversion.


The quality of service and cost to nurture leads is not affected by quantity. No alternative exists with that capability.

Pricing plan

Reasonable pricing for an unreasonably impressive product

Get this software for absolutely free through our affiliate program!



or 3 installments of $500

CRM interface

Custom Ai assistant

Fully automated lead nurturing

2 cents per text

Affiliate program

For individual realtors on a budget



or $10,000/year

Everything in basic

Custom lead generation

Up to 500 leads imported for you

1 cent per text

Custom landing page

24/7 customer support

Retargeting ads

For individual realtors looking to minimize work and maximize output



Contact us for pricing

Everything in Premium

Unlimited custom Ai assistants

Up to 10,000 leads imported

Free texting

Unlimited CRM interfaces

24/7 customer support

Organic content/marketing

For small-large teams looking to maximize conversions for every agent.

Ask about how we can work with your team!

Frequetly Asked Question

How do I import my leads?

Simple! Depending on your package, we will import your leads for you. Otherwise, we will send you a video on exactly how to import them yourself. Depending on your current setup, it could take as little as 10 minutes to upload your leads.

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What if I already have a CRM

Although it has the capability, this software doesn't have to replace your current CRM. This can be used to nurture the bulk of your leads, and your current CRM can be used for only the hot leads that ModdAi is able to qualify

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What is the process?

- We meet with you to learn more about you, and your ideal clientele.

- We customize the Ai for you based on your preferences and goals.

- We walk you through exactly how to use the software, and what you need to know.

- The software is now yours to use forever.

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Get paid to use our software by becoming an affiliate!

For every realtor you refer to us, you will be sent a check for $300! Your referral will get a discount of $200 or more.

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